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The range of legal services available at AKKC is wide enough to encompass solutions for each and every dispute/conflict among individuals and the organizations in different following fields:

(1).Litigation. (2). Consultancy. (3). Legal Opinion.(4) Documentation Vetting.(5). Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan & Corporate Compliance's (6). Pakistan Software Export Board. (7) Banking Recovery Issues & Offences in Banks.(8) Intellectual Property Organization( Trade Mark, Patent, Design, Copy Right).(9). Environmental Protection Tribunal & EPA Compliance's.(12) FBR & LTU(13) PEMRA.(14) FTO.(15) Federal & Provincial Ombudsman.


is one of the core areas of significant expertise at AKKC with lawyers having extensively rich experience. Particularly, our lawyers have been serving and representing the Corporate and Government sector organizations since 1992 including Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, City District Government of Karachi, KMC, S.I.T.E, Station Head Quarters, MEO, Pakistan Customs from the government sector and Dewan, Axact Private Limited, BOL Television, Siblings & Co. International Brands Limited (IBL) its subsidiary HABIT, DUNKIN DONUT, A.M. Global FMCG & I.T Companies , OK Oil Mills, Medicon Pharma etc. in the Area of Litigations. Further and more importantly, we have distinct lawyers for every stage of Litigation i.e. specialists in Civil and Criminal Trials, Appeals, Revisions, Constitution Petitions etc. who are assigned with the tasks in accordance with the prerequisites of clients and the required objectives.

Legal Risk Management

is an area where AKKC works with distinction since not many of the Law Firms in Pakistan give any importance to set of processes, policies and systems used by corporate legal departments to adopt, implement and monitor an integrated approach to business problems in order to either avoid the litigation or minimize the risks and costs involved in it. However, at AKKC, we ensure the implementation of processes or procedures of requisite Legal Compliance's so that our client organization follows relevant laws, regulations and business rules by way of adopting such processes and procedures. For that, AKKC has Business, Management and HR Consultants on Board as well to take care of 360 degree implementation of such processes.

Compliance Management

is one more sphere of Legal Services at AKKC. That starts from formation of an organisation, includes all corporate and government compliances such as SECP’s, Labour, IRO’s, EOBI, SESSI, CBR’s INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS PROTECTION etc. Further, for better management of Compliances AKKC hires/outsources some of its projects to the best available resources in the market to ensure client’s satisfaction even though AKKC has already had Lawyers and Consultants on Board to work in this area


is an additional/supplementary service that AKKC offers to its Client Organisations where the client opts for maintaining automated Legal Data Archive. Nevertheless, rapidly developing organisations across the world are now opting towards adapting the inevitable automated means of Legal Data Maintenance and Management in this current era of Information Technology.


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