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Ever since its inception in 1989, Abdul Karim Khan & Company has always served it's clients in almost every area of Legal Services

Our lawyers provide range of services i.e. from general criminal and civil litigation to local and international corporate compliance's including trademarks, copyrights and patents registrations across the world, ensuring corporate and contractual interests either through legal risk management or dispute resolution etc. to the clients from individuals to government and non-government organizations. Our work indicates our longstanding commitment to our clients coupled with our unparalleled dedication to the firm’s consistent success

Abdul Karim Khan & Company (AKKC) is one of the most celebrated and progressive law registered law firms based in Karachi, Pakistan

Ever since its inception in 1989, AKKC has served its clients in almost every area of Legal Services. Be it an individual’s family dispute, property litigation, personal liability AND/OR may that be the legal issues that companies and business entities come across, AKKC has served its clients with the best available solutions and in a most innovative and unorthodox manner while tactfully securing client’s interests at every stage. For us, at AKKC, every case is a matter of reputation and goodwill to fight for and that also with professionalism and perseverance

We have been practicing in family, criminal and labor & corporate litigation's for more than 35 years, with a prominence on intricate contractual matters and mass misdemeanor litigation's. We are a leading law firm in Pakistan with highly expert lawyers whose aim is to defend you, your family and business. We aim to guarantee our clients that with our help it is possible to speedily and efficiently resolved any legal matter.

The range of legal services available at AKKC is wide enough to encompass solutions for each and every dispute/conflict among individuals and the organizations in different following fields:

(1). Litigation. (2). Consultancy. (3). Legal Opinion. (4) Documentation Vetting. (5). Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan & Corporate Compliance's (6). Pakistan Software Export Board. (7) Banking Recovery Issues & Offenses in Banks. (8) Intellectual Property Organization (Trade Mark, Patent, Design, Copy Right). (9). Environmental Protection Tribunal & EPA Compliance's. (12) FBR & LTU(13) PEMRA.(14) FTO.(15) Federal & Provincial Ombudsman.

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